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Bug-Out Bag, Survival specialist/author Tim MacWelch on what you need to carry

Survival expert shows you everything you need in Bug-Out Bag to survive an emergency

Survival specialist and author of  “How To Survive Anything” Tim MacWelch is offering a few tips on what to carry to survive an emergency.

In the new video for Business Insider, MacWelch reveals which items he has packed in his bug-out bag.



● Lightweight clothing
● Water bottle with built in filter
● Duct tape
● Medical bag
● Food, including “survival ration bricks”
● Space blanket
● Poncho
● Gloves
● Safety glasses
● Headlamp with spare batteries
● Iodine
● Map and compass
● Matches
● Knife

“When the tornado strikes, when the solar flares blaze, when the zombies rise… what are you going to do?  So many possible disasters, so little time to prepare,” a summary of MacWelch’s book on Amazon reads.

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