Why I Carry 5 Knives On Me At All Time…

The Best Everyday Survival Gear Knife

I constantly receive inquiries about what survival gear I carry every day.

This is important as I truly think that if you’re not all set for an “instant disaster”, you’re not TRULY prepared.

I usually bring several little (yet effective) tools with me, however, an essential item I would never go without is a knife.

I believe that a lot of you would agree.

Well, I in fact have 5 different EDC knives on me at all times.  You might believe that’s overkill. But I do not.  All my 5 knives have their own purpose and you’ll never know when you’re going to have to hand one off to somebody else throughout a crisis.

Anyhow, here are the best EDC Knives in my opinion …

1 & 2: SOG Multi-Tool


My SOG has 2 spring-assisted blades on it– a serrated one and a conventional one.

I like the spring-assist quick-opening function, however, each has a “safety lock” that needs to be open to extend the blades.

Honestly, I do not get it …  the safety isn’t really required at all and these are NOT my “go-to” knives– they simply are just on my multi-tool list.

3: CRKT Minimalist


This is my most recent edition and I like that it’s compact.

What I like more is that it comes with a Zytel sheath that fits on my “battle belt” where I can keep it hidden.

4: SOG Mini-Pentagon


This is my “no b.s. life-or-death” combat knife.

A straight, double-edged blade is the only knife I ‘d ever want in a real battle and there’s no better knife (in my humble opinion) than the Mini-Pentagon.

(Careful– these kind of knives are illegal in numerous states.  I’m not stating I carry this one– if you know what I mean. Let’s simply call it a “half-carry” alright?).

5: “Covert Credit” Card Knife

(This knife you can get for free).

I carry a couple of “escape & evasion” tools all the time, this “secret knife” just fits best inside my little wallet behind my credit card.

It’s razor sharp and can be utilized for day-to-day jobs, from cutting your way out of a rope, zip-ties, or telephone wire in a house invasion hostage circumstance.

Best part, they are free….


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