Protecting children during disaster

With extreme weather season upon us, a regional day care resource agency is reminding moms and dads to make sure they understand what their children’s caretaker has in place to handle weather risks and other emergency situations.

“Our state is no stranger to natural catastrophes, as Oklahomans understand all too well” said Carrie Williams, Rainbow Fleet executive director. “Whether twisters, floods, fires or earthquakes, having an extensive prepareness for reacting to an emergency scenario gives family and caretaker the tools and information to keep children safe.”

Different kind of disaster can pose its own special set of risks, so it is essential to know if a facility is prepared for the most typical kinds of disasters that take place in Oklahoma.

“It’s crucial to know where your kid will shelter if a violent storm is in the location. In some cases, kids might be required to move from the primary care location for safety concern. Be sure you understand where kids will be taken in these scenarios.

Ask about fire and tornado drills, along with the escape routes children are taught throughout these drills. Ensure fire extinguishers, carbon monoxide detectors and smoke alarm are installed.

Check to see if children are taught about personal security strategies like stop, drop and roll. Ask if staff is trained in emergency treatment and CPR. When faced with an emergency circumstance, knowing how kids and staff are educated about catastrophes can help anticipate how they might respond and how ready they are.

” Rainbow Fleet offers training and in-person consultation to assist child care service providers prepare for emergency situation circumstances,” stated Williams. “Having a plan in place prior to an emergency situation is key to keeping our children safe.”

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