Secret Box that Bear Grylls carries when he goes on adventure

The battered lock-box Bear Grylls carries wherever he goes.  So what is inside?

Ever wonder what Bear Grylls carries when he goes on adventure?

He was serving as an SAS Reservist at the ago of 22 when he broke three vertebrae during a parachute jump excercise.  Instead of ending his adventures, with the help of the “stuff” in his secrect box, he went on to complete his mission.  And as say, the rest is history, and it was the start of a career that had seen him climb Everest, circumnavigate the British Isles, cross the icy North Atlantic and, more famously, present TV shows including Born Survivor and The Island.

So what is in the secret box that Bear Grylls uses when he travels the world.  Let’s take a look ……



The secret box and the stuff Bear Grylls needs

1. Jungle boots – Protect against bites and stings.

2. Lightweight desert boots – Use while track condition allows, or at the end of the day to stay cool and comfortable.

3. Wet shoes – Use for wakling on water, sand and rock.

4. Approach shoes – With rubber soles, good for walking, running and climbing, etc.

5. Ice axe – Essential for glacier travel and for moving across mixed, difficult routes.

6. Large Petzl HMS Carabiner – For everything from rappels in an emergency to a strong point for kit or for self-rescue.

7. Gerber fine-blade knife – For protection, fire, skinning and traps, it’s a must-have on any adventure.

8. Gerber parang – Multi-purpose machete found in southeast Asia and adopted by the SAS.

9. Chalk bag – Keeping fingers and hands dry and super grippy for rock climbs and scrambles.

10. Gerber water bottle and mug – You can only survive for about three days without water so collect, carry, filter, clean and drink as often as you can.

11. Alpine harness and slings – You never know when you’ll be hanging off a rock face or traveling by helicopter skid!

12. Sunglasses – Essential gear for the Arctic as well as hot conditions.

13. 50m climbing rope – Multiple usages, rappel, climb, traverse glaciers, build shelters, build rafts, build stretchers, as a safety line, and as a throw line.

14. Craghoppers’ Gore-Tex technical jacket – Light weight, windproof and waterproof.

15. Craghoppers’ lightweight trousers – Simple, rugged and, importantly, dry quickly.

16. Bear Grylls’ action repack box – The metal casket that is to transport all this kit. It’s tough, strong, reliable, knocked, battered, well-travelled but still going strong.

Source: The Telegraph



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